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Active students

SAEON students currently enrolled at collaborating universities for respective degrees

Dr Robert Williamson
Phumlile Cotiyane
Athi N. Mfikile
MSc student After my internship with the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) (Elwandle Coastal Node) as a GIS intern, I have become interested and passionate about studying estuarine ecology and salt marshes in particular. Although I do not have a background in estuarine plants, I have enjoyed monitoring their distribution using Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Hence, I am interested in understanding environmental drivers responsible for the development and distribution of salt marshes, particularly sedimentological and hydrological processes.
Dr Shirley Parker-Nance
Richard Llewellyn
MSc student I’ve always had a passion for the ocean but when I started diving was when I decided that marine biology was what I wanted to do. I have a wide range of interests within the field as I worked with cephalopods and limpets in my honours year and am now working with fish.
Rita Steyn
PhD student My interests are invertebrates and invertebrate communities. These (often overlooked) communities form the foundation of larger ecosystems and support larger vertebrate populations. The driving force behind my interests are conservation and preservation of habitats and emerging ‘health’ indicators. My master’s degree research was completed in Indonesia where I studied coral reefs and the impact of bomb fishing on those reefs.
Dr Elodie Heyns
Nicholas Schmidt
PhD Graduates
MSc Graduates
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