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Presentation Pages

A guide on the configuration of Presentation Pages

Presentation pages are used in conjunction with any content stored in any of the portals provided by SAEON - including the Knowledge Repository. The basic concept is that presentation pages allow us to present content stored in these portals in a number of predefined ways, using styling and filters that are under the control of the user.


The presentation pages can be rendered by one of the following engines:


  1. A Standard Renderer , which takes the content of a folder (and optionally subfolders) from any portal location, and after applying appropriate filters, displays the content in any one of four standard layouts:
    1. A Simple Listing ;
    2. Side-by-Side Listing;
    3. News Layout;
    4. Slide Show Layout;
  2. A Reporting Renderer - which takes the content of a folder (and optionally subfolders) and aggregates it into a chart or table of choice;
  3. A Map Renderer , which takes the content of a folder, and depending on the type (some types can accommodate a coordinate or geographic feature), renders these on a map;
  4. An Atlas Renderer , which creates a two-level menu view of folder contents. If the folder contents are all predefined maps, charts, and discussion documents the view approximates a true 'Atlas', if the content is mostly documents (say pages and PDF files), then the view approximates an easily navigable document collection or similar resource.


The Presentation Engines obtain their information on the contents of a folder from a generic JSON Service that can be applied to any folder.

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