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The Agulhas Current - a fundamental piece of the climate puzzle
By Dr Juliet Hermes & Tamaryn Morris, SAEON Egagasini Node Figure 1. SST over the Agulhas region current observational programs are marked. Modified from Beal et al., Nature 2011
Planning a special deployment cruise to mark initiation of ASCA project
By Tamaryn Morris, ASCA Coordinator, SAEON Egagasini Node Figure: Along-shore coastal moorings will be deployed during the cruise to monitor the circulation of coastal waters around the ASCA inshore moorings
DST Newsletter March-April 2015
The Indian Ocean Bubble
SANCOR Newsletter
Multinational marine project investigating the oceans
Second ASCA cruise a rollercoaster ride
Adopt-a-Float, Adopt-a-Drifter Day
ASCA teams up with floating university for landmark cruise
ASCA Cruise Report 2016 – my first taste of science at sea
SEAmester ne Agulhas System Climate Array
My SEAmester experience
Drifter trajectories in the Agulhas Current - does it matter where they are deployed?
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