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The Node supporting over 20 post-graduate students since 2009. Support occurs in the form of funding, access to office and laboratory space, access to research sites, and assistance with data collection in the field. In turn students contribute to the development of long-term research by collecting data on variables relevant to the Node's scientific objective, and provide a copy of their data for the SAEON archive.

Tercia Strydom
PhD candidate, University of KwaZulu-Natal. Junior Scientist, SANParks Tercia completed her Undergraduate and Honours degrees at the University of the Western Cape before joining SANParks in 2011 as a Junior Scientist on a capacity-development program funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation. While on the program, she completed her MSc in Hydrology at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. For her PhD dissertation she is working within the Node's Letaba Hydrology Project, focussing on groundwater-surface water interaction. She is particularly interested in the balance between natural streamflow losses (groundwater recharge) and gains (groundwater discharge) along the Letaba River.
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