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The Environmental Science Education and Outreach Programme provides educator-support that enables educators and learners to engage in hands-on monitoring projects which demonstrate the use of science. This provides learners and educators to gain knowledge that help improve the quality of science teaching and learning at schools The educator programme is mainly curriculum support and is based on volunteer involvement of schools. The programme uses workshops and Teachers Tearoom Forums as vehicle to drive and achieve its objective. Learner program The learner program aims to attract learners into careers in environmental science, science and technology by providing them with exposure to science by giving them a hands-on experience in these fields, and an opportunity to interact with scientists and researchers. There are 3 events that form part of the learner program: holiday program, monitoring program and science awareness
Grade 11 Science Camps
Grade 10 Science Camps
Grade 9 Science Camps
Educator Programme
Educator Workshops
Presentations and supporting material for educators working with SAEON on school-based science projects
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