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The SAEON Ndlovu Node implements most projects in collaboration with other research organization, scientists and students. We currently have active collaborations with the following organizations:

SANParks hosted the Node during its establishment, and the Node maintains important ties with the SARU unit of the Scientific Services department of SANParks. A number of long-term research projects are conducted in the Kruger National Park and Mapungubwe National Park in collaboration with SANParks.
The Node collaborates with the Natural Resources and the Environment (NRE) of the CSIR on the maintenance of two eddy covariance "flux towers" in the Kruger National Park. These towers continuously measure the exchange of heat, water and carbon dioxide between natural ecosystems and the atmosphere.
North-West University
The Node currently works with faculty and students from the North-West University on determining the impact of land use and management on vegetation in the Phalaborwa area and within the Kruger National Park.
WITS University
The Node supports a post-graduate research project supervised by researchers at WITS, on topics relating to the impacts of global climate change on natural ecosystems.
Colorado State University
The Node collaborates with Colorado State University to maintain a long-term research experiment in the Kruger National Park which investigates the impact of herbivores and fire on natural ecosystems, and how these effects compare to similar ecosystems in the USA.
Kansas State University
The Node collaborates with the Physiological Ecology Lab of Kansas State University, on a research project relating to the water use of riparian ecosystems.
Stellenbosch University
The Node currently collaborates with Stellenbosch University on two post-graduate research projects, on topics of rehabilitation of mine dumps and the ecology of a highly endangered tree species.
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