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PMC reports

Reports submitted to Palabora Mining Company (PMC), by the SAEON Ndlovu Node (or specialists appointed by SAEON), in fulfillment of SAEON's Biodiversity Monitoring contract work for PMC

Veld condition, Cleveland, 2015
ARC-RFI report on VCA done in April 2015
Veld Condition, Pompey, 2015
ARC-RFI veld condition assessment of Pompey game farm, conducted in April 2015
Aerial Game Count, Phalaborwa, 2015
Rodent survey, Phalaborwa, 2015
Herbaceous vegetation survey, Pompey, 2013
B-Tech thesis by Dennis Komape
Strigalactones Final Report 2016
Herbaceous vegetation, Rock Dump and Tailings, 2016
Herbaceous composition and production, 2011 to 2016
Amphibian Survey, Phalaborwa, 2015
Bird Survey, Phalaborwa, 2015
Reptile report, PMC and Cleveland, 2015
Dragon Fly Survey, Olifants & Selati R, 2014
Vegetation report, PMC, 2011
River Bird Survey, 2014
River Bird Survey, 2015
Rodent Survey, Phalaborwa, 2012
Aerial Game Count, Phalaborwa, 2016
Tall Trees report 2016
Strigalactones Report 2015
Bat Survey 2015
Conducted by Andrew Deacon, on behalf of SAEON. Includes sites on Cleveland, Dump4, Loole Creek, Pompey and rural areas
Aerial Game Count, Phalaborwa, 2017
Amphibian Survey, Phalaborwa, 2016
Camera Trap Report, Nov 2017
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