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Learner Support

Grade 10 Science Camp
At the end of the school academic year the grade 10 learners had their annual marine science camp.
St Helena Bay Monitoring Line
The Nodes Education programme often depends on the DEA on the opportunities to participate on the research line which has helped us to understand science at sea. Sadly these opportunities have not been offered this past year.
Marine Science Programme
A grade 11 Marine Science Programme was funded by the BHC and ran for seven days. This platform assisted us to continue the integration of scientists. The collaboration was with the Metro South’s Science in our Schools programme. • Participation from scientists from the University of Cape Town, supporting modelling of our oceans. • The South African Weather Service supported the understanding of Air – Sea interaction and meteorology. • Oceans acoustics and marine aquaculture were amongst some the contribution of DAFF. • DEA supported our schools with the understanding of general oceanography. • SAEON scientist presented on the Node’s focus on Marine Sciences.
Cape Town Science Expo
At the time of the submission of this report the regional Expo had not been held. The previous report could not cover the achievements of the node either as the competition is held in the third week of August. In 2013 four of our learners received bronze medals at Expo. These learners were from three different schools. Thomas has been invited to be a convenor of judges at International Science Fair in October 2014. Thomas continues to serve as a committee member of Cape Town Science Expo.
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