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Tshililo Ramaswiela

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Field Technician

Tshililo was appointed as Research Technician at the Node in February 2011. His core activities involve performing in situ observations at the nodes research sites, and performing data collection, quality assurance, archiving and provision to users. Furthermore he’s responsible for Health and Safety issues within the node and also provides general support services to researchers and students. His undergraduate studies at the University of Venda included savannah ecology where he was involved with the assessment of elephant damage on Marula trees in the Kruger National Park. Tshililo’s postgraduate studies was mostly in invasion biology through the University of Stellenbosch, for which he spent a year on the sub-Antarctic Island, Marion, mapping the geographical distribution of alien vegetation and determined their current status on the island. The research also extended to priorities for the control of alien plants, based on feasibility estimates. SAEON ALN provides a great platform for Tshililo to explore some of the oldest long-term research projects in the vast Karoo region and he is making the most of this opportunity.

Tshililo Ramaswiela
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